Sugar Paste with Propolis and Honey – Organic Line

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NEW PRODUCT! Sugar Paste with Propolis and Honey – Organic Line

Sugar Paste with a soft consistency. It is used with bandage technique. Removes the hair efficient on the large areas (hands, legs). Paste composition includes propolis and honey extracts, which take care of skin during depilation, take regenerating and nutritious effect, also as add delicate grateful flavour.

Available: In stock

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”Organic Line” from ITALWAX is a premium water-soluble sugar paste wax with 100% natural component for skin-care.

Moisturising effect of Aloe Vera, regenerating and recovering action of Propolis and Honey, convert depilation into sophisticated SPA treatment for demanding clients.

Sugar paste with Propolis&Honey has a soft consistency. Efficiently removes the hair on large areas (hands, legs).
Long lasting effect up to four weeks.

With the Italwax Water Soluble Sugar Paste ”Organic Line” the sugaring treatment is thoroughly and efficiently. Simply warm the sugar paste to a working temperature. Remove the sugar paste from the heater at approx. 40°C, on a small amount of paste and form a ball. Apply the sugar paste against hair growth direction and remove the paste in the direction of hair growth. Get silky smooth skin. Residues can be easily removed with water.

Product form – 750g

See detailed instruction on the package.

Attention! Execution of sugar waxing procedure requires special skills! PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY!

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