Water Soluble Sugar Paste Extra Strong

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NEW PRODUCT! Water Soluble Sugar Paste Extra Strong

High-density paste. Created for work in hot seasons, in poorly air-conditioned premises, used for depilation of high-temperature areas.

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ITALWAX Water Soluble Sugar Paste is a 100% natural product. Nothing extra, only water, sugar, and cornstarch. It is transparent in colour, which simplifies beautician’s work. ItalWax sugar paste does not contain citric acid, which often causes allergic reactions and skin irritation. The paste has a unique consistency, very plastic and soft but at the same time does not melt or spread which provides for convenient working process.

ITALWAX Water Soluble Sugar Paste – Extra strong has a high density. Created for work in hot season or poorly air-conditioned premises, especially for depilation on areas with high temperature.

With the Italwax Sugar Paste – Extra Strong the sugaring treatment is thoroughly and efficiently. Simply warm the sugar paste to a working temperature. Remove the sugar paste from the heater at approx. 40°C, on a small amount of paste and form a ball. Apply the sugar paste against the direction of hair growth on the skin and remove the paste in the direction of hair growth. Get silky smooth skin. Residues can be easily removed with water.

Product form – 600g

See detailed instruction on the package.

Attention! Execution of sugar waxing procedure requires special skills! PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY!

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