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    £8.99 incl. VAT

    NEW PRODUCT! “SELFIE” Hot Wax for face

    Italwax’s innovative “SELFIE” Hypoallergenic Hot Wax is a resin-free formulation and was created specifically to remove unwanted hair on the sensitive skin of the face. The natural oils complex in wax composition cushions the wax effect on the face, creates maximum protection and extra comfort during the procedure. This low-temperature wax does not burn and does not hurt delicate skin. It does not leave redness even on thin and sensitive skin. The working temperature of the wax is 38°C / 100.4°F. Combines ideal adhesiveness with skin friendliness. Accurately follows the curves of the body due to high plasticity allowing to depilate poorly accessible areas at first attempt.

    Perfect for:


    Upper Lip

    Sideburns / Temporal area

    Product format: granules sack 500g.

    New Product – ITALWAX GLOWAX KIT

    £29.99 incl. VAT



    Italwax Glowax Kit represents an innovative concept for facial hair removal, suitable for both home and professional use.

    Italwax Glowax Kit is the smart choice for home waxing procedures, providing a series of benefits such as:

    • Time optimization: the kit includes all the products necessary for professional treatment at home.
    • Complete video tutorial: using the QR code you can consult the hair removal video procedure, created to make the waxing experience unique, fun and painless.
    • Excellent value for money: the kit contains 2 bags of Glowax glittery film wax of 80 g each, the ideal quantity for more than 30 upper lip hair waxing treatments.
    • Italian Quality: 100% made in Italy wax heater, specially created to be used with Italwax film waxes.
    • Suitable for sensitive skin: Cherry Pink – a new member of our film wax family, with the multidirectional application. Its unique and sparkling composition, free of natural resins, makes it perfect even for the most sensitive skin, prone to redness.
    • Product refills available