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    £14.39 incl. VAT

    Hot film synthetic resin Italwax Top Line wax is formulated for sensitive skin prone to allergies.

    Appropriate for removal whatever the hair coarseness and length.

    Applied with the spatula without regarding the hair growth direction, removal without the strips.

    Product Format: presented in a new ziplock bag, protecting the wax from any impurities – 750g per bag.

    After Wax Emulsion Hair Growth Retardant

    £3.00£13.08 incl. VAT

    NEW PRODUCT! – After wax emulsion hair growth retardant – Orchid

    Orchid Emulsion with Decelerine R complex slows down hair growth while in the active stage. Over time hair becomes thinner and weaker, reducing the need for waxing. Also contains Allantoin, fruit acids, Aloe Vera and glycerin to reduce the appearance of bumps and redness due to waxing, while providing instant cooling and soothing the skin.

    Easily removes wax residues and feeling of stickiness after epilation, contains natural anti-inflammatory ingredients. Removes redness and irritation.

    Product Form: 100ml, 250ml, 500ml