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    Film Wax Pour Homme 1000g

    £14.39 incl. VAT

    Film Wax Pour Homme

    Premium-Class wax for depilation

    Special components, added to increase the adherence of wax, will guarantee clean and fast waxing of thick man’s hairs. Man’s hairs are stronger, whereas skin can be very sensitive. Man needs a waxing product, created especially for him. Hot film wax Italwax “Pour Homme” will easily pull out 100% of unwanted hairs at the treated area with only one application and it will not damage the skin.

    Suits ideally for barber shops – you can use it for facial waxing. Works perfectly on other body areas: chest, back, armpits.

    Product form: granules sack 1000g.

    New Product – Film Wax Pour Homme Barber Edition 500g

    £9.84 incl. VAT

    New Product – Film Wax Pour Homme Barber Edition

    Medium-dense metallic teal blue film wax specifically designed for beard styling and man full face waxing procedures. Based on the finest synthetic polymers, removes strong and coarse man’s facial hairs. This wax easily eliminates all unwanted hairs allowing to precisely define beard, eyebrows and sideburns without damaging the skin (and with minimal pain).

    Suits ideally for barber shops.

    Very cost-effective, you can remove hair in the armpit zone with just one application. Diminishes wax consumption by approximately 30%.

    See detailed instructions on the package.

    Product form: granules sack 500 g.

    • – Hot Film Wax is a new generation of stripless wax
    • – Exclusive hot wax with the lowest melting temperature (40-45◦C/104-113◦F). Setting up time 6-10 seconds
    • – No strips required
    • – Ultimate product form: pellets are universally loved for convenience and cost-effectiveness
    • – Impeccable salon results even after 1st use. Professional use